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Find the resources you need

We have a range of resources from LSBU and other organisations to help you in your efforts to decolonise the curriculum. See below the kind of resources we have to share.

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Toolkits & Guides

Specially created guides by LSBU and other organisations in supporting the delivery of decolonisation of the curriculum and inclusive pratcices.

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Articles & Journals

A curated repository of news articles and journals, that discuss and research the matter of decolonisation in education, and other diversity topics.

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Take a seat and listen to what people are saying about equality and decolonisination in education.

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Reading Lists

A collation of reading materials from different subjects that discuss areas such as Decolonialism and Black Lives Matter.

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Talks & Webinars

Watch and listen as academics and professionals from a wide range of backgrounds and organisations talk about the subject of decolonising the curriculum.

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Immerse yourself in blogs that bring the issues of equality, diversity and inclusion to the fore.