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Articles & Journals

“Decolonizing” Curriculum and Pedagogy: A Comparative Review Across Disciplines and Global Higher Education Contexts

By Shahjahan RA, Estera AL, Surla KL, Edwards KT
September 2021

The Hidden Curriculum of Higher Education

By Dr Tim Hinchcliffe | Advanced HE
July 2020

Designing inclusive curricula, teaching and learning

By Jess Moody | Advanced HE
March 2020

Effective Teaching and Learning: Decolonizing the Curriculum

By Marie Charles
November 2019

Decolonising the curriculum: it’s time for a strategy

By Suellen Shay | The Conversation
June 2016

On Decolonisation and the University

By Priyamvada Gopal
May 2021

Decolonisation of the curriculum – a conversation

By Dr Kay Hack | Advanced HE
May 2020

Decolonising The Curriculum: Teaching and Learning about Race Equality. Issue 2

By Marlon Lee Moncrieffe | University of Brighton
Decmeber 2019

Decolonising the Curriculum

By Neema Begum & Rima Saini
September 2018

An Introduction to African-Centered Sociology: Worldview, Epistemology, and Social Theory

By Karanja Keita Carroll
September 2012