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9th October: New Perspectives Conference – Day 3

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In the third instalment of our three-day New Perspectives on the History of African and Caribbean people in Britain Conference, we explore themes such as Gender, Activism and Memory, and Community dynamics and Power. Below is the list of speakers and their presentation titles

A.S. Francis: ‘A history of Manchester’s network of Black radical women during the 1960s-1980s’

Aleema Gray: ‘Rastafari Women Speak: Resistance, Self- Reliance and Unity ina Babylon’

Theo Williams: ‘Race, Gender and Pan-Africanism in Britain, c. 1935-1945’

Desmond Felix: ‘Three Lions in the Ring: Benn, Eubank, Watson: Managing social identities in British’

Olivia Wyatt: ‘“The enemy in our midst”: ‘Community’ as an organising principle for African-Caribbean settled migrants in Leeds, 1971-81’

Claudia Tomlinson: ‘Fitting in or Getting Ahead: West Indian Students and the West Indian Migrant Community in Britain, 1955 – 1970’

Ellie Kramer-Taylor: ‘British and Caribbean Black Power: establishing connections, 1968-1970’

Sue Lemos: ”Feeling a strength in numbers’: The London Black Lesbian and Gay Centre, 1985-1995′

Date & Time

Saturday 9th October 2021

10:00 – 12:00


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