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8th October: New Perspectives Conference – Day 2

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In the second instalment of our three-day New Perspectives on the History of African and Caribbean people in Britain Conference, we explore themes such as the Early Modern Black presence, and Politics, Archives and Publication. Below is the list of speakers and their presentation titles:

Annabelle Gilmore: ‘Where are Warwickshire’s Black People? An examination of the Black Presence in Warwickshire into the Long Eighteenth Century”

Kate Bernstock: ‘Conducting a regional Black history of Falmouth and Penryn during the packet boat years of 1688-1850

Montaz Marche: ‘“A Diamond in the Dirt”: The Experiences of Ann Sancho in Eighteenth Century London’

Naomi Oppenheim: ‘Black publishing in Britain: a longer story’

Rey Bowen: ‘The African Times and Orient Review and the British Government’

Rebecca Adams: ‘Black Caribbean womanhood within the archives: Mollie Hunte and working with her archives as a Black, female Archivist’

Date & Time

Friday 8th October 2021

18:30 – 20:30


Online Event